12 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit by TekMat




The TekMat 12 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit was designed to give you a simple and easy to use experience. It gives you everything you need to clean your 12 gauge shotgun and nothing you don't. All TekMat cleaning kits are designed to be rolled inside the corresponding TekMat gun cleaning mat and stored in the included nylon carry bag. This ensures your TekMat and cleaning kit are easily stored together.

The TekMat 12 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit is a premium cleaning kit with solid brass rods, solid brass brushes, and solid brass slotted tip for your patches. All of the threading is brass so you don't have to worry about cross threading the rods, brushes, or adapters. Plus, all of the cores for the brushes are brass. Unlike cheaper and inferior cleaning kits that use other metals that may scratch and damage your barrel, we chose to make our shotgun cleaning kits out of 100% brass. Brass is a soft metal that won't scratch your barrel when you are cleaning your shotgun.  

The 8-Piece 12 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit includes:

  • (3) Solid brass rods with one plastic swivel handle
  • (1) Brass brush with solid brass core
  • (1) Cotton brush with solid brass core
  • (1) Solid brass slotted tip for patches
  • (1) Solid brass brush adapter
  • (1) Plastic carry tube
  • (1) TekMat nylon carry bag

Also available in a 20 gauge version.

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