Where are they made?

TekMat's are designed in the USA but are manufactured overseas. This way we are able to provide you a quality product at a even better price.

How do I clean my TekMat?

TekMat's can be cleaned in a couple ways. First, you can clean them with water and a mild detergent while gently scrubbing the mat. Second, you can simply place the mat in a household dishwasher and run it through a light cycle. Allow to air dry.

Do you have a warranty?

TekMat's have a limited life-time manufacturer warranty.

How should I store my TekMat?

The best place to store your TekMat is with your other cleaning supplies. Your TekMat can be stored flat or rolled up.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide.

Who pays for Duties and Taxes on international orders?

Customers are responsible for all government duties, taxes, and fees associated with their orders.

Why don't you have a design for my firearm?

We try to have the most common and popular firearm designs on our TekMat's. However, if you do not see your model of firearm and would like to cast your vote for the next design please email support@tekmat.com.

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