DEFCON Baby Changing Station Protective Mat - Ultra 44 TekMat




Baby changing is serious business and for the uneducated (men and first child parents) understanding the situation is critical. Do you know the DEFCON (Diaper Emergency Force CONdition) Threat Level? This threat level will help you assess the hazards and contamination conditions. Are things rumbling or has the youngster gone ballistic? Knowing these conditions will let you know how to handle everything or if you need to call in reinforcements. 

Do you know the Fixed In 6 steps? This baby changing station mat will make sure you don't forget anything and take the proper steps to remedy the situation. 

What about the Containment Zone? O' lord, this may be the most critical area of all. We have gone ahead and clearly marked the area you should stand clear of. Why? Let's just say rocket testing areas have nothing on the potential catastrophic danger of this containment zone. If you don't heed our multiple warnings, don't come running to us when $#!t hits the fan, and the wall, and the ceiling, and the curtains, and the family dog. Utmost caution should be used while in the Containment Zone. 


  • Made of the same great materials as all TekMats
  • Vulcanized rubber will keep the mat from sliding
  • Soft polyester surface won't irritate the babies skin
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Rolls so you can easily throw it into the diaper bag
  • Dye sublimated printing won't wear off
  • 15 tall x 44" wide x 1.4" thick
  • Premium stitched edge
  • Made in Utah
  • Did we mention it is waterpoof and can be washed? 


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