.357 Caliber and 9mm Handgun Cleaning Kit - 7-Piece




The 7-Piece .357 Caliber and 9mm Cleaning Kit by TekMat is the perfect addition to your TekMat cleaning mat and your .357 caliber or 9mm pistol. There is no reason to buy a huge 100+ piece cleaning kit when you only need a few specific tools for cleaning your firearm. That is what TekMat has done. TekMat built their caliber specific cleaning kits to give you the tools you need and not the ones you don’t need. All of the pieces of this .357 caliber or 9mm cleaning kit fit nicely into a plastic tube which makes it easy to store and carry with you in your range bag. This makes it easy to take the kit with you when you go out shooting and simple to do a quick field strip and cleaning. No one wants to carry a big box of cleaning tools.

The 7-Piece .357 Caliber and 9mm Cleaning Kit is made for the following TekMat armorer’s mats, but can be used with any .357 caliber or 9mm pistol.

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